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Opinion Paper: Metallurgical Chemistry

[ Vol. 5 , Issue. 2 ]


Fathi Habashi   Pages 137 - 142 ( 6 )


Metallurgical chemistry is the most ancient science of chemistry. It is related to the recovery of metals from ores and their refining. In its modern form, it involves separation of finely ground minerals by flotation, melting of ores, aqueous processing of ores, and the application of electric current to separate and purify metals from aqueous solution or from a fused salt. Metallurgical chemistry is closely related to the chemical industry.


Agricola, beneficiation, chemical industry, Ercker, fire assaying, flotation, Gellert, pyro-, hydro-, and electrometallurgy.


Department of Mining, Metallurgical, and Materials Engineering, Laval University, Quebec City, Canada.

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